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Ticketing Solutions and Booking System for Attractions

Utilise our cutting-edge ticketing solutions that are built for theme parks, thrilling adventures, excursions, tours, water parks, experiences and other things to do.

Whether as a base ticketing platform or as a reseller, Platinumlist helps you sell more tickets by giving you full control of your inventory management, wider digital exposure and incomparable client support when you need it.

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Brandable whitelabel solution

Looking for a base ticketing platform? Activate a fully brandable online ticket selection and check out system that can be linked from your website through white label.

You can also manage inventory, control prices, scan tickets at entry and sell tickets via multiple channels, all accessible from your organiser dashboard.


Attractions ticket reseller

If you already have a base ticketing platform, Platinumlist can help you sell more tickets by becoming a reseller of your available inventory.

Selling your tour or activity with Platinumlist allows you to have a broader exposure through one of the the region’s most prominent platforms, with millions registered active users.

Top reasons why
A flexible and powerful platform you can trust
Platinumlist is versatile and adapts to different kinds of ticketing requirements needed for various attractions and activities. Whether you are a theme park that requires full-day passes or a museum that uses time slots, we’ve got you covered.
Strong marketing power that helps you sell more tickets
Our marketing is multichannel and data-driven. We make sure to deliver the right message at the right time to the right persons.
Full control on your inventory and pricing
Your organiser dashboard is your playground. You have all that you’ll ever need right within your reach to manage your inventory, control prices, see entry statistics, analyse reports, download user data, review customer feedback and more.
Dedicated customer support
Have no one to handle customer queries and complaints? Leave that to our dedicated customer support team that is always on the get-go when your customers need them. In addition to traditional phone calls, we run on chat for real-time engagement and prompt response.
Sync ticket inventory via API

Through our powerful API Connectivity, attractions can share information such as ticket inventory, time slots and prices. This real-time exchange avoids duplicate ticket bookings and overselling beyond available allocation.

Moreover, this automated process makes inventory management more efficient and allows customers to see ticket availability right at the moment of ticket reservation.

Secure Checkout
Setup promocodes
Get advanced ticket sales reporting

Essential and comprehensive sales reports provide you insights and real-time data that helps you to assess conversions and make time-sensitive decisions.

Reporting dashboard includes revenue and page traffic reports, occupancy calendar, booking window and more.

Integrate with the leading digital marketing tools
Our integrations allow you to install Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Snapchat pixels to your page to track conversions from specific digital platforms. Our MailChimp integration lets you sync your ticket buyer database so you can retarget existing customers.
Secure Checkout
Setup promocodes
Sell gift vouchers and ticket packages

Attractions can package their product offerings in many creative ways, such as group, combo, or ticket and F&B voucher offers. These offers can be dressed up with the use of colourful, attention-grabbing accelerators that are fully customisable.

If your customers wish to give their tickets as a gift, our system also allows tickets to be purchased as a gift voucher, wherein the tickets will be redeemable as a gift.

Set up Email and SMS notifications

Stay on top of all conversions and never miss a booking.

Email and SMS notifications can be programmed to be received by certain team members whenever a ticket is purchased or when a customer leaves a review.

Secure Checkout
Setup promocodes
Upload 3rd Party tickets

We love to make the entire ticketing process as convenient as possible.

Attractions that prefer to use their own ticket codes can upload these to Platinumlist system, making all tickets scannable at the point of entry. To make sure that issued tickets will never run out, clients are notified to upload more codes when necessary.

Platinumlist has been an exceptionally reliable partner for our ticketing needs. Their platform is robust, their processes are streamlined, and their people are truly helpful. We highly recommend them.
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