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Sale console

sale console

Sale console is a powerful Point of Sale solution that can be used for a number of applications, such as door sales, phone sales, ticket printing, refunding, exchanging, batch printing and many more. The console provides a powerful and easy to use solution to manage financial relationship between organizer and ticket sellers at the door, as well as with any other external partner sellers, which the organizer can set up in the system. The console supports various ways of payments such as POS terminals, cash, pay online via a link.\nThe billing section fully covers the relationship between ticket cashiers and organizer or partners with detailed reports, limits on volume for every agent and helps calculate cash on hand with each agent. In advanced mode sale console can be used to manage multiple outlet partners, each of which can have their own team of sellers, that can manage their agents.\n\nEach team member has their own access and can sell tickets using cash or online payment, payment via link or payment with POS machines. Each team member sees history of all transactions made and is able refund or re-print tickets. Many functions have permissions settings, so you can restrict members from refunding or any other function.\nSale console has “Pay by Link” functionality, which is perfect for reservations over the phone, when the operator books the ticket and the system sends the link for secure payment online to a customer via sms and/or email.\n\nIn advanced mode organizer is able to set up ticket sales partner companies, which can manage their own agents and use various ways of payment, using the gateway of the organizer. Advanced sale console is a perfect solution for venues or attractions that work with numerous partners. Sale console can be used in Point of Sale Terminals and can be configured with a variety of printers such as Stimare, Boca, Epson or any regular A4 printer. You can find compatible printers in our Equipment Section.

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