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COVID-19 access control solutions

  • Thermal temperature checks kiosks & apps
  • Face recognition
  • Touch-free self-serve kiosks
  • Branded registration apps with GPS location tracking
  • Pre-registration facility to maintain orderly fashion of guests
  • Availability for registration for preferred dates and time slots
  • Pre-requisite waiver forms
  • Timely reminders about allowed time and cautionary reminders when there is only 15 minutes left in the allocated time
  • Cautionary text message facility prior to the arrival
  • Data collection and tracking based on timings of mall entry
  • Staff support to carry out mall entrance registration validation
  • Real-time statistics of the number of people present at a specific time period
  • Daily data retrieval facility of all the details – “who entered when and left when”
  • Maximum venue capacity restrictions
  • Barcode access control system
  • Staff accreditation and access control solutions
  • Payments options
COVID-19 access control solutions
COVID-19 access control solutions
Touch free self-serve terminals

Thermal check. Face regonition. Barcode scaning.

Customisable online registration

Each category of visitor or exhibitor goes through a customised online registration procedure.

On-site registration

Solutions for on-site registrations by staff or using self registration terminals.

Access control

Visitors badge is validated at entry. Attendance data is collected.

Customer Reminders

Possibility to inform customers to exit the facility.

Live reports

Access footfall statistics and user data from the organiser dahsboard live.

Post-event surveys

Send customised questionnaires after the event.

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