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Ticketing and Registration Solutions for Sports Events

Preferred by the biggest sports associations in the region and worldwide, our trusted platform allows you to set up online registration for sports and entry management that is scalable and capable of handling up to 250,000 participants per day.

You can build a simple registration process, add custom registration forms and waivers, collect and safely store essential customer data.

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Data capture upon check-in
With our agile access control app, you can capture all customers’ data in a matter of seconds while checking in to the event. All information are stored securely and can be exported from your dedicated organiser panel whenever needed.
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Merchandise delivery options and bib number collection

The online registration process can be customised to allow organisers collect all the information required for merchandise delivery.

Merchandise related to the event can also be sold online as an add-on to tickets.

Our access control app scans customers at bib collection points and sync each bib number to a specific participant. All of the data gathered will be safely stored and can only be accessible by organisers.

Custom questions and waivers

Some sports events require waivers and declarations forms to be agreed to or signed by the participants. Such custom fields and waivers that require digital signatures can be incorporated into the registration process.

Traditionally, forms and waivers hurt conversion rates, but our team makes sure that these additions will not affect the overall convertibility of the event.

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Get real-time reports and integrate with digital tools

Reports essential to sports events such as revenue, scanned attendees information and custom questions report are all accessible in real time from your dedicated organiser dashboard.

If you organise many events or manage several activities, you can see multiple reports in one dashboard. Know more about advanced reporting here.

For in-depth conversion reports, connect your business event page to the leading digital tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Snapchat and MailChimp. Learn more about integrations here.

Interactive seat mapping for stadiums with automatic social distancing

Make use of our powerful, vector-based seat mapping technology that renders massive stadium maps to digital and highly-responsive seating plans that allow customers to easily select seats with a precise section name and number.

The seat gap protection system can be configured to automatically blocks a set number of seats to follow social distancing guidelines.

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Scan tickets at entry with free access control app

Capable of scanning up to 600 tickets per hour, supports multiple synced entry points, functions both in online and offline modes, Platinumlist access control app makes entry scanning for large capacity sports events and venues more streamlined and efficient.

This technology allows a secure and speedy entry process that reduces the build up of long queues.

Manage box office sales using our sale console

Streamline your ticket selling process at entry using our powerful Sale Console. This easy-to-use solution allows you to sell, refund, print tickets, exchange tickets, receive card or cash payments at the door.

A dedicated billing panel contains a full and detailed report of all the transactions that took place at entry. This eliminates cash management issues and helps calculate cash on hand with each cashier or agent.

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Sell season tickets

Season tickets or season passes are used for sports events such as foot ball. Our system allows you to sell season passes which are scannable at all times on entry and will remain valid for all matches within a season.

We needed a partner that can handle 30,000 visitors per day, and Platinumlist’s scanning and selling staff managed it perfectly.
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Explore many other outstanding features that can power up your next event.
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Explore many other outstanding features that can power up your next event.
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