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Ticketing Solutions for Entertainment Events

From concerts and theatrical shows to comedy and nightlife, our full spectrum of ticketing functionalities, solutions and services help you create unforgettable experiences backed by a powerful platform that automates all the complex processes of booking, payments, access control, customer support and much more.
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Customise your own ticket and email with built-in editor

Build your event the way you want it. You can customise tickets, transactional emails and event page, and match it with your own brand.

You can also set up event reminders to let your attendees know important information before your event begins.

Interactive seat mapping with automatic social distancing

Seat maps are essential for events held in seated venues. Our seat mapping technology creates beautiful and crisp seating plans based on vector graphics. Seating maps are interactive and mobile optimised allowing customers to see the whole map, zoom in and out select seats easily.

Our seat gap protection system allows you to set the number of seats to be automatically blocked for social distancing.

Event access control and entry staff with on-site support
Platinumlist Access Control App allows you to scan your own customers upon entry. Available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play, the app approximately is built to strongly shield against ticket duplication and scans up to 600 customers per hour.
Event Access
Smarter event promotions powered by rich data
Get advanced data analytics and reporting
Our advanced sales reporting dashboard gives you real-time statistics that includes revenue, traffic, demographics, occupacy rate and more.
Build your own tracking URLs
Utilise our built-in Campaign URL Builder that lets you construct different tracking links with UTM parameters, and track conversions from sales reports.
Rating book
Integrate with powerful marketing tools
Get deeper and precise conversion reports by installing Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Snapchat tracking pixels to your page and more. MailChimp allows you to sync your database and retarget existing customers.
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SMS, Email and Digital Marketing
Sell more tickets and reach more people with our full stack of digital marketing tools. Send out emails, SMSes, place banner ads and run paid promotions with the help of our experienced marketing team.


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Secure check out, multiple payment options and various currencies

A secure check out process and multiple payment options with various currencies are all essential for conversions. We support payments in USD, AED, EUR, KWD, OMR, PHP, SAR and more. We are also partnered with major payment services such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Credit or Debit Card Payments.

Cash payments are also accepted through partner ticket outlets.

Secure Checkout
Setup promocodes
Set up promo codes and offers

Set up promo codes, multiple partnerships and tie-ups with partners or early bird offers - we make sure this process is as seamless as possible. Our credit card BIN detection system allows you to offer discounts to specific bank holders.

All conversions from promo codes can be tracked and analytics can be seen from your dedicated advanced reporting panel.

Cashless payments with RFID

Bid farewell to cash management issues, long queues and ticket fraud with our RFID Cashless Solutions.

It works even without internet access and increases operational efficiency and speed of service by up to 80% and revenue up to 40%. All data transfers are encrypted and can be accessed live in real time.

Cashless payments

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We needed a world standard ticketing system
that supports Arabic language
  • Rotana Music
We opened our own temporary ticket outlets in multiple locations.
  • 117 Live
Strong marketing presence is the reason why we chose Platinumlist as a ticketing partner.
  • YAK Events
I needed 30 tracking links to track sales for each of my digital campaigns and I was able to activate them from the Organiser's Dashboard.
  • Unite with Tomorrowland
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